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One Year in Austria 

Click on any photograph to view full size.

Please note however that images are lo-res for obvious reasons.
Purchased images are of many times higher resolution.

Actually, although many years ago my wife & I lived in the South of this beautiful country for 3 years,

all of these photos were taken in 2020 whilst my wife and I were marooned in Vienna.
As expats we weren't allowed to return to our home in Shanghai so we made the very best of it by indulging ourselves of much of the best this wonderful country has to offer ; in the way of scenery, customs and food (we won't talk anymore about that ... as the 15 kgs I put on in 9 months makes it's own statement : of the quality of the food and my gluttony) ! 

Purchased photographs will not have any logos or a signature unless so requested. 

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