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Kevin Harding


Kevin S Harding, Photographer

I am a landscape, travel and printed art photographer currently based in the vibrant, bustling and futuristic city of Shanghai, China.

My focus is on photographing people & places that will translate to fascinating wall art (though my wife wishes I didn't have to make prints and decorate our walls after every trip) ! My style consists mostly of colourful and vibrant imagery but I also love experimenting with B&W, Wildlife (esp. Birds), Impressionism and ICM (Intentional Camera Movement).

We are all looking for our place in the world, to do what drives and inspires us, to unleash our creative desires, and until 15 years ago I hadn't found my place.

Photography, and the drive to continually experiment and improve my art and to appreciate it's ability to open my eyes to the minutiae of the world around me, has given me a profound feeling of 'found' and a burning interest in alternative cultures, people and exotic places that wasn't previously fanned or indulged.

I continue to have a strong desire to explore remote, as well as iconic, locations, with that 'Bucket List' seemingly destined to continue its expansion, no matter how many I manage to tick off !

This drive & desire provides me with opportunities to experience and shoot interesting cultures and magnificent vistas and landscapes as well as allowing me a certain latitude to impress my work with my personal vision.

I hope people who see my work can envisage it as I do, as a journal of my life, as well as a clear history of my travels !

As a simple man, who loves to create images, enjoys all forms of travel, and possesses a strong paternal observation of my daughter's life, from across continents, I am very fortunate that life has been exceptionally kind and I am able to spend the majority of my time on personal projects to far flung lands, (thanks to my very tolerant wife) and to collaborate and learn from people of similar visions to my own.

Where did the the logo and website moniker originate? My daughter was born in the Year of the Dragon and it is to symbolise and celebrate that occurrence, the most wonderful event in my life. 

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