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Shanghai's Ancient Watertowns

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There are many Ancient Water Towns around Shanghai, helped because the area is so flat which meant hundreds if not thousands of canals were built to connect cities, towns and villages.
Some of these water-towns are up to 2,000 years old and local governments go to great lengths to try to maintain the flavour of ancient times to attract tourists, both local and domestic. I've labeled each section with the ancient watertown's name and photographs in that section were taken only in that location.

More watertowns (listed below) and photographs, to all sections, will be added as I visit/re-visit these lovely towns as part of my ongoing project (luckily I live in Shanghai so have easy access to these historical, gorgeous, towns and villages) !



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China - Shanghai - Fengjing - Entrance at Night

Fengjing Ancient Watertown

Fengjing is a town in Jinshan District, Shanghai, around 70 kms from Shanghai. A very well preserved ancient water town, it's main attraction for me is it's 52 ancient bridges, which in typical chinese fashion, are beautifully lit during the evening. 
People inhabited the area from around 2,000 years ago, however it did not officially become a town until 1275 AD.
Not as commercialised as some of it's more famous brethren.

China - Shanghai - Jinze Ancient Village - Blue Bridge

Jinze Ancient Watertown

Jinze is located in Qingpu district, Shanghai, around a 60 kms drive from Shanghai. The watertown is over 1,000 years old with the oldest preserved bridges in Shanghai. Supposedly there were 6 temples, 13 archways and 42 bridges" in and around the town, of which 21 old bridges still remain.
Built over the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties (960–1911), it led to the saying "Bridges of four dynasties connected by one river". The Puji Bridge and Wan'an Bridge, built in the Southern Song dynasty (1127–1279), are the oldest surviving stone arch bridges in Shanghai.
No hordes of  tourists here due to its small size, however in the town centre there are 10 bridges which are lovely, especially at night when they are illuminated.