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ICM Photography

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Intentional camera movement (ICM) is a form of photography whereby the camera is deliberately moved, and usually with a specific manoeuvre, during the exposure for a creative or artistic effect. It is a relatively modern, in terms of popularity at least, abstract form of photography. 
Personally I find this genre fascinating and it holds great potential to create interesting art, similar though not directly influenced, to some of the works produced by some of our most famous artists, for example Monet, Turner or Constable. 

ICM artworks intrigue, create conversation and debate and make great wall decorations !  If any of the pieces below are required in a different colour scheme then that is a relatively easy process for me to modify and I will be able to alter the colours to complement the colour scheme of your home/office/lobby/hotel etc.

Purchased photographs will not have any logos or a signature unless so requested. 

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