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Nepal - People, Places & Festivities

What can I say about this country that hasn't already been said? During my 4 trips there (to date) I have experienced the awesomeness of the world's highest mountains, especially trekking the Khumbu (Everest) region around Gokyo Lakes and the hike up to the Annapurna Base Camp. 
The mountains are just one (very important considering the plethora of trekking available) aspect of Nepal though, with UNESCO sites littering the country, photogenic & friendly people, historic and religious (Hindu & Buddhist) towns and villages and as a biodiversity hotspot there are also safaris in the South of the country to take you on a discovery of tigers, elephants, rhinos, red pandas, wild water buffalo and crocodiles. Plus many of the most gorgeous birds to be found in Asia.
This is all to say nothing of a laid back atmosphere that encourages relaxing and people watching from within the confines of many cool restaurants and bars, some with quite spectacular views. 


There are many images still to be published here, from my 4 trips to Nepal,
which are still currently at the preparation stage.

Purchased photographs will not have any logos or a signature unless so requested. 

It is strongly recommended to click on any photograph to view all of these photographs full size and as a slideshow !

Please note however that images are lo-res for obvious reasons.
Purchased images are at a far higher resolution.

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