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I'm delighted to announce that I have a new Coffee Table book in the works that will include many of the photographs on the slideshow.

There is a page on this website, dedicated to the new book, that will be updated regularly ! You'll be able to pre-order there. 



A wild camping and hiking trip into the Italian Dolomites was the highlight of my personal photographic excursions in 2020.                    Pics & Blog links here !

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2023 calendar

Yes, I know. It's ridiculously early to be promoting my new calendar isn't it. However the issue is always that, just like a book, photos need to be selected, print paper chosen, a design confirmed and the print-run organised. 

Deciding on how many to print will often depend on expected demand which can be estimated from the pre-orders. For more information please click the button below.


tibetan Sichuan

Although the covid pandemic cut my planned 5 week trip short I managed to squeeze in 2 weeks in some simply stunning scenery before I was forced to return to Shanghai by strict testing regimes.
You can find blog posts on my trip as well as a Tibetan Sichuan Gallery (link below)


Huangshan Mountain : Feb-Mar 2022

I've made three previous trips to the mountain much loved and depicted by ancient Chinese artists and poets who eulogised the scenes in a style recognised the world over.

These paintings however are not, to a degree, stylised, that is actually what the mountains really look like and examples can be found in my work from 2014, 2015 and 2016 in my galleries. Click the link below to view. 

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