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Collaborative Creation

Please refer to my Itinerary 2021.  If you are looking to create content, or require specific shots from the regions I'll be traveling to or indeed if you plan to go to these areas at or around the times I'll be there, then I'd be happy to discuss a joint (ad)venture !

If you are interested in licensing any of my images please check the Purchase Prints or Custom Prints menus. Or of course contact me directly at : 

One to One Tuition - Beginners : Stages 1 & 2

Do you want to learn how to take professional images with your Mirrorless, DSLR or even Phone camera ? How to get off Auto everything and take control ? Personal tuition from Kevin will take you to the next level (or the first level!) in your photographic education.

Lessons cover equipment, controls, subject selection, composition, lighting (natural or single strobe), settings, transfer, storage, software & image processing. 


Whatever your interest; landscapes, city-scapes, street, travel, people, birds, Kevin can tailor a photography workshop specifically to meet your needs. 

Courses can be either 4 or 9 hours (inc. lunch break) or multi-day.


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